Salinger: A Critical and Personal Portrait by Henry Anatole Grunwald

MLA Citation:

Grunwald, Henry A. Salinger: A Critical and Personal Portrait. New York: Harper, 1962. Print.

First Paragraph:

“There is a feeling in many quarters that altogether too much fuss is being made about J. D. Salinger.”

from the Introduction, page ix


Grunwold’s book was the major study to come out and at the height of the “Salinger Industry” It is a collection of essays by various authors. We are listing the table of contents below, a post will be forthcoming on each of the essays that will include more detailed analyses.

  1. The Invisible Man: A Biographical Collage
  2. The Good American – Arthur Mizener, David L. Stevenson
  3. Is ‘Cute’ the Word? – Alfred Kazin, John Updike, Leslie Fiedler
  4. Magician, Clubman, or Guru? – Seymour Krim, David Leitch, Joan Didion, Isa Kapp, George Steiner
  5. A Slight Case of incest – Maxwell Geismar, Frederick L. Gwynn, Joseph L. Blotner
  6. The Cures for Banana Fever – William Wiegand
  7. Sensitive Outside vs. Vulgarian – Ihab Hassan
  8. Between Miracle and Suicide – Josephine Jacobsen, Donald Barr, Dan Wakefield, Granville Hicks
  9. Holden and Huck: A Quest – Arthur Heiserman, James E. Miller, Jr., Edgar Branch
  10. Against the Cult of the Child – Leslie Fiedleer
  11. The Phonies – Martin Green, Christopher Parker
  12. Postscripts
  • Appendix A – The Early Stories – Gwynn and Blotner
  • Appendix B – The Language of The Catcher in the Rye – Donald P. Costello

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