About SalingerinContext.org

This site is an independent study project by two graduate students at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Elizabeth Downing Johnson and Angelica Bega Hart are both M.A. Literature students in the Graduate program of VCU’s English Department.  We  started this website as an independent study after taking a graduate seminar on Salinger in 2009.  Our professor for that class was Dr. Bryant Mangum, a wonderful professor who will eventually be grading us.

The site will contain reader’s guides to all of Salinger’s works, as well as an annotated bibliography of scholarly essays, a collation of Saligner works that were published in The New Yorker and then through Little Brown, and a “Salinger in Context” section where we will place Salinger’s work in the appropriate social, cultural, and historical context. We hope it will serve as a resource for burgeoning scholars just making their foray into the world of Salinger scholarship and a repository for new scholarship on Salinger. We welcome questions, suggestions and comments of all kinds as we work to improve the available scholarly work on J.D. Salinger’s texts.

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